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Quality Accessories: Field Preparation

Ripper Bedders

Quality tillage tools for maximizing yields and profits.

  • improved moisture management
  • faster soil warm up for earlier planting
  • in-row subsoiling for deeper root penetration, healthier plants
  • low maintenance and repair expense
  • stack fold toolbars (8, 10, and 12 row ripper bedders and disk bedders)

Shown with optional hydraulic folding row markers.

Double (20" and 18" dia.) or single (20" dia.) disk gangs with cast-iron hubs and triple sealed bearings.

KMC bedders, the key to a superior bedding job - every time.

  • designed to be extremely sturdy and perform tough bedding operations in light and soil types
  • all ripper bedder models (and some conventional disk bedder models) now equipped with heavier 7"x 7"x 3/8" wall thickness toolbars for increased strength and durability
  • ripper bedder models and conventional disk bedders available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 row sizes
  • available in widest range of models and sizes

Two ripper bedder types available:

  • Parallel linkage model
    Disk gangs clamped to floating 4" x 4" rear toolbar (with 8 x 10 gauge wheels) connected to ripper bar with parallel linkages.
  • Two bar models
    Disk gangs bolted to 4"x4" auxiliary toolbar rigidly clamped to the ripper toolbar.

Rotary Cultivators

  • Fertilizer Spreaders
    4-row KMC speed-wheel cultivator with 550-Lb hoppers, ground drive and sidedressing attachments. Designed for use on KMC implements or others with 4x4, 4x7 and 7x7 tool-toolbars.
  • Careful and precise calibration
    Output (from 75 lbs. to over 1,100 lbs per acre depending on row spacing) is adjusted by loosening setscrews and moving special taper-design cast-iron augers in or out of hopper boxes. Stamped reference numbers on augers serve as visual aid in selecting desired rates.
  • 550-Lb hopper capacity
    Dual-spout 550-lb capacity hoppers, molded from plastic/ fiberglass. Spouts are made of cast-iron for corrosion resistance. "Y" dividers available for splitting flow of fertilizer for each spout. Standard plastic lids.
  • Two drive options
    • Hydraulic motor
      • variable speed control to assist in calibration
      • for open or closed hydraulic systems
    • Ground drive
      • Features 23" ribbed tractor-type tire for positive traction
      • The No. 40 roller chain is plated to resist corrosion
      • Down pressure spring adjustment
  • Various application accessories
    • Rolling disk
    • Deep shank
    • Flow tube (behind subsoil shank)
    • Broadcast (sidedress)
  • Quality you can depend on
    Hoppers and drive components are supported securely on 2 ½" sq. auxiliary toolbar clamped to the implement's main toolbar by heavy-duty brackets, designed for 4x4, 4x7 and 7x7 toolbars. Sizes for all needs. 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 row sizes available for wide and narrow row spacings. Suitable for use on all KMC implements and many competitive implements.
World Tobacco, Inc.
PO Box 1341
Wilson, NC 27894

+1 (252) 243-4006

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